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Imagine *REQUESTED* : “Ed!” You hug your boyfriend and he lifts you off the ground, squeezing around your waist almost refusing to let go. “You were amazing tonight!” You smile and kiss him, “Thanks.” He replies and begins walking away. “Where are you going?” You drop his hand and stand alone. “Taylor and I are going to an after party, she invited me.” Taylor walks into the room and a long silence hung in the air. “Hey, ready to go Ed?” She smiles at him. “Sure.” Ed smiles back at her. “Excuse me?” You butt in between them. “Tonight was my night with Ed.” You glare at Taylor, not intimidated by her short stature and tiny frame. “But we need to go to the after party.” Taylor walks up to you and pulls Ed away. “But Ed..” You stand alone again and watch Ed walk away with Taylor for the night.

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